Drinking-Water Treatment

Coconut shell-based steam-activated Carbon is mainly used for the removal of chlorine, organic contaminants, color and odor from drinking water to make it suitable for human consumption. Being microporous in internal structure, coconut shell activated carbon is well suited for organic chemical adsorption, including volatile organic chemicals.

Process & Waste Water Treatment

Activated carbon is the right choice for any kind of purification processes like treatment of waste water, effluent or contaminated water. Due to the high internal surface area and adsorption capacities, carbon is used for removing dissolved, non-biodegradable oragics using fliterbeds.

Oil and Gas Recovery

Activated Carbon is used for the recovery of economically valuable products like gasoline vapor, benzene and solvents at petroleum refineries. Activated Carbon is the best adsorbent for the removal of hydrogen sulfide.

Gas Masks/ Filter Cartridges

Gas and smoke contain compounds identified as irritants and possibly toxic chemicals for humans. To reduce the intake gas and smoke, Filters made up of cellulose acetate is used worldwide and filter cartridge with activated carbon is used for the reduction of many vapor gas & smoke toxicants.

Food, Beverages and Edible Oil

Activated carbon is used widely in the production of food and beverage products. Apart from decolorization, activated carbon is used for removing dissolved organic compounds, control odor, taste in food and beverages. Also used in edible oil refining.

Highlights of

INDCARB Products

Exclusive characteristics conferred by high quality
coconut shells.

  • Higher retention 
  • Optimized density
  • Extensive internal structure 
  • Maximum hardness
  • Excellent micro porous structure 
  • Low ash contents and lesser impurities
  • High hardness level and low dust level – higher quality of the product
  • Higher surface area – longer life of the carbon & extended adsorption capacity

Optimization of Advanced Technology

One of the distinguishing factors is INDCARB’s philosophy towards the use of sophisticated technologies. We are committed to continuous improvement, and are constantly upgrading our processes and skills, to produce & supply quality products. 

Part of our manufacturing includes Two production lines with 10,000 MTS post production facilities with de-dusting, grinding, screening, washing and impregnation capabilities. 

Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with ASTM Standards laboratory equipment and a dynamic team of qualified and trained technicians.

Fulfilling a variety of applications

Activated Carbon is in great demand for wide ranging applications due, mainly, to the global acceptance of activated carbon in the areas of filtration and purification processes. Due to its high adsorption properties and hardness, activated carbon is ideally suited for removing oxidizing agents like chlorine and ozone in process water applications.  Besides its vital role in vapour phase applications, this versatile adsorbent is widely used in precious metal recovery. Our carbons made from quality grades of coconut shell, have the ultimate hardness and abrasion resistance.

A Comprehensive Product Range

Activated Carbon is produced by a controlled oxidation process that develops a structure with a high degree of porosity and over a broad range of pore sizes. Our product range includes different grades of activated carbon produced from selected grades of coconut shells including all general grades of granular/powdered carbon and also special grades of water washed, acid washed and impregnated carbons. During manufacture, the coconut shells are steam activated and the process is carefully monitored and controlled, thus producing a world class product with a consistent quality.

INDCARB follows international standard of quality
specified by

  • ASTM – (American Society for Testing and Materials)
  • AARL – (Anglo American Research Laboratory)
  • JIS – (Japanese Industrial Standards)
  • AWWA – (American Water Works Association)
  • NSF – (National Sanitation Foundation)
  • EU – (European Union standard)
  • BIS – (Bureau of Indian Standard)

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